How is Your Child Growing?

All children grow in their own special way. So keep in mind, the following are activities most children perform at certain ages.

3 months
Make eye contact - Follow moving objects with eyes - Surprise by loud noises - Turn head to inspect surroundings - Make cooing sounds like "ooh" and 'aah' Lift head and chest while laying on tummy

6 months
Recognize familiar faces - Turn head towards sounds - Laugh - Look for fallen objects - Reach for and hold a toy Transfer toys from hand to hand - Roll from back to tummy

9 months
Use gestures like pointing or reaching - Enjoy games like 'peek-a-boo" - Shake head for no - Sit without support Get into a sitting position without help Crawl on hands and knees

12 months
Wave "hi" or "bye-bye" - Understand simple directions - Use 4-5 words - Tighten grasp when object is pulled Pick small things with thumb and finger - Look for hidden objects

18 months
Follow simple directions like "bring the ball" - Use 20-30 words - Insist on doing things by themselves - Point and name a few pictures in books - Hold and drink from a cup - Stack 4 blocks or objects - Walk alone while pulling or carrying toys

24 months
Understand/respond to simple questions - Use more than 50 words - Put two words together like "More juice" - Eat with a fork and spoon - Draw a line and a circle - Put 3 simple shapes in a puzzle - Run smoothly and easily

36 months
Understand many words like big/little - Use 3-5 word sentences - Match colors and shapes - Share and trade toys - Help with simple chores - Dress and undress self - Stack ten blocks - Walk up/down stairs (foot over foot)

If your child is not able to perform most activities normal for their age or maybe you have questions about his/her skills, please call.

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