EEO & Title IX

Title IX Gender Equity & Sexual Harassment

If you believe that you, your child, or a member of our school district has experienced discrimination on the basis of sex, please immediately report the discrimination to the Title IX Coordinator, Kathryn Self at 907-442-1810 or

The Northwest Arctic Borough School District Human Resources Office is charged with fairly addressing and reported incidents of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence that affects our staff/faculty and our students. We highly encourage you to reach out to the Title IX Coordinator to report any suspected incidences of discrimination.

You can also report incidences of discrimination, assault, or harassment by clicking here. This Incident Report can be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator via email or delivered in person to the Human Resources Office.

The Human Resources Office is committed to a prompt preliminary inquiry to determine if discrimination has occurred. If so, we will conduct an investigation that is thorough, reliable, impartial, prompt, and fair. We aim to resolve all investigations within sixty (60) days.