Meeting Information

Public Access to School Board Meeting Agenda and Meeting Materials

NWABSD Board Member Access to Board Meeting Materials (requires login)

Public Participation at Board Meetings

The NWABSD boardroom is open to the public during board meetings to give public testimony and public comment. Members of the public may also call in, please visit the meeting details in the NWABSD calendar to access the call-in number and listen to the board meeting.

How to Provide Public Testimony

The School Board encourages anyone wishing to provide public testimony on agenda action items to email their written comments to Shayne Schaeffer at [email protected] by 1:00 p.m. the day of the meeting. These comments will become part of the meeting record. In the subject line of the email, please indicate which agenda item you are providing testimony for (Example: NWABSD Memorandum 20-088, Adoption of the FY-21 Proposed Operating Fund Budget).

When the School Board reaches your agenda item or time for non-agenda/non-action testimony, the Board President will identify you to take your testimony. You will have three minutes to provide testimony.

How to Provide Public Comments

The NWABSD Board of Education will not hear complaints against pupils or personnel unless the Superintendent, through proper channels, has heard such complaints prior. Such complaints should be heard only in an Executive Session.

The following is the procedure by which the public may speak before the NWABSD Board of Education at any of its meetings:

  • Persons wishing to be heard must notify the Superintendent's Office by 1:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting.
  • Persons to be heard on non-action and non-agenda items will be heard during the specified section of the meeting.
  • It is requested that each individual conduct his/her presentation in three (3) minutes and representatives for groups in five (5) minutes.

Upon recognition from the President, please give names and organizations, if any, represented.

How to Listen to School Board Meetings

All Regular School Board meetings are available telephonically. When you call in to listen, please state your name and location for the record.

Agendas and Meeting Information

Agendas, supporting documents, and archived meetings can be accessed through BoardBooks

Any questions, contact: Shayne Schaeffer,

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education

Email: [email protected]