Summer Programs

Alaska Military Youth Academy (AMYA)

Provides 2 cycles per year

April 1st and October 1st

Each cycle represents a 22 week residential school stay, with a 12 month post-residential follow-up phase. Student Residents earn a minimum of 7 credits. AMYA has free tuition and free room and board. The April cycle will include the entire summer.

The AMYA focuses on 8 core components:

Life Coping Skills

Academic Excellence

Job Skills

Responsible Citizenship



Physical Fitness

Service to Community

To qualify for entrance:

  • Must be 16, 17 or 18 years of age on the start date of the academy
  • Live in the state of Alaska
  • Be attending high school (cannot attend if you have a diploma or GED)
  • Are physically and mentally capable of completing a demanding program