HR Forms

Below are lists of links that lead to important forms required by HR. Find the forms applicable to your job classification. For your convenience, we have supplied electronic versions of forms where possible. Please use whatever form is easier for your situation. If a link does not work or if you have questions regarding any of these forms, please contact [email protected]! Taikuu!

Certified Employees Only 

New Hire Forms

Separation Forms

Classified Employees Only

New Hire Forms

Separation Forms 

Forms Concerning All Employees

Transfer Requests
Transfer requests are for lateral position moves, such as Teacher at one site to Teacher at another, or Aide in one grade level to Aide in another or Principal at one site to Principal at another. They are NOT for advancements or changes in position. For example, you may NOT transfer from Teacher to Principal or from Aide to Secretary. You must apply. 

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Workman’s Comp
You should notify your employer immediately, but no later than 30 days after your injury occurred or illness began.

Family Medical Leave


  • PRAXIS I Test Reimbursement
    • New teachers may claim a one-time reimbursement for the expense of taking and passing the PRAXIS I test required for certification.
  • New Teacher Pay Advance Request Form
    • Per the negotiated agreement, the newly hired teacher shall be entitled, upon written request, to a salary advance of up to $750, unless a higher amount is approved by the Superintendent, after the second day of work. Said advance shall be deducted from the teacher's paychecks in equal amounts beginning with the first paycheck. However, any outstanding balance shall be deducted from the final paycheck. The District currently authorizes new teachers a pay advance up to $1000.
  • Teaching Certificate Reimbursement Form
    • New teachers may claim a one-time reimbursement of up to $260 for acquiring initial Alaska Teacher Certification. Receipt for expenses must be attached to the form.


  • Long Term Substitute Reimbursement Form
    • If were hired as a long-term substitute us this form to claim reimbursement for one (1) round-trip coach airline ticket and up to $500 (maximum) moving expenses.



  • Leave Request Standard
    • Use this form to request leave only requiring a supervisor's approval.
  • Leave Request Requiring Superintendent's Approval
    • Except with the prior approval of the Superintendent: Personal leave shall not be available on the first or last working day of the school year or on a working day immediately before or after a holiday or vacation, during required assessment testing, or during staff in-service days. not more than two (2) teachers at a school with up to twenty-six (26) teachers, or three (3) teachers at a school with twenty-seven (27) or more teachers, shall be granted personal leave on any given day.


  • Returning Teacher Round-trip Village Travel Reimbursement
    • Use this form to submit expenses for one round-trip ticket cost for travel from Kotzebue to your village and return per negotiated agreement. You must attach a copy of your receipt to this form using the upload button. The deadline for submitting is June 15 each academic year. You may submit Fall and Spring requests separately.
  • Emergency Pay Advance Request Form
    • This is for Permanent employees only.
    • The School District recognizes the occasional need for emergency advances. However, due to the administrative cost of processing advances, we can honor those requests only under the direst of circumstances. Please read through this form with your Principal or Director to see if you are eligible for an advance. Depending upon the number of hours you work, you can receive either $ 500.00 or $ 250.00 one time per year. Keep in mind that it will take up to four days to process the advance. The advance will be deducted in full from your next paycheck. If it is close to payday, it may be possible instead to request your check early.
  • Extra-Duty Job Description use this form to outline the duties the employee will perform in completing the Extra Duty Contract.
  • Extra Duty Pay Request Form.pdf  use this form to request payment for the extra duties the employee performed in completing the Extra Duty Contract.
  • Overtime/Extra Hours Approval Form - NEW DocuSign Form - For convenience, this links to administrative services forms, where this form resides (under the payroll section)