About Noorvik School


Noorvik means, “a place that is moved to.” Noorvik (“NOR-vick”) is located on the left bank of the Nazuruk Channel of the Kobuk River, 33 miles northwest of Selawik, and 47 miles east of Cuttlebone. The village is downriver from the 1.7 million acre Kobuk Valley National Park. Fishermen and hunters from Deering established the village in the early 1900s, along with people of Oksik, a few miles upriver. A post office was established in 1937. The city government was incorporated in 1964. A federally recognized tribe is located in the community – the Noorvik Native Community. Noorvik is primarily an Inupiaq Eskimo community with a subsistence lifestyle.

Noorv from the sky

Noorvik School front door